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Zoom Book Launch, “A Reality Check on Canada’s Schools,”

Sponsored by Dr. Daniel Beland and the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, in Montreal.


Zoom Book Talk, “The State of the System in the Light of COVID-19,”

Cardus Foundation, Wednesday September 30, 2020, Hamilton, Ontario


Public Lecture and Webinar, “The Shifting Axis: Nova Scotia’s Changing Place in Canadian Confederation,” a Public Lecture based upon Turning Points: 15 Pivotal Moments in Nova Scotia History,

Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, Wednesday September 16, 2020


Navigating COVID-19: State of the System – A reality check on Canada’s schools

Halifax Chamber of Commerce, September 10, 2020, Halifax, NS


National Podcast, “The State of the System and the Impact of COVID-19,”

Conference Board of Canada, Bright Future Series, Tuesday September 1, 2020, Ottawa, Ontario